Our first day’s drive was an easy one, from Banqiao to Luodong Township, just south of Yilan on the east coast.  Driving out of the city, with our bags on our scooters, we felt like dogs fresh off the leash.  There was a moment on the drive, when we got out of the city and into the mountains of northern Taiwan, where we hit the cool mountain air and were totally surrounded by beautiful views and empty roads, where our excitement took a turn towards pure jubilation.  It was the best feeling in the world, the excitement of the unknown and the freedom on traveling on our own schedule, all the while with my partner at my side to share these memories with.  Needless to say, the drive to Luodong was a fast one that flew by. We took local roads until we reached Xindian MRT Station. Then, we hopped on Highway 9. We were able to take the 9 all the way to our friends apartment.

Su’ao Beach

Our friends, Tori and Adam, just moved to Taiwan to teach English, and they were placed in Luodong Township, which was the reason for our first stop. Luodong is a small East Coast town with a great spot near the beach and famous for its green onions—they’re growing everywhere! When they came to Taipei we showed them a great time, and when we got to Luodong, they did just the same for us.  We had some dry noodles for lunch and headed straight for Su’ao Beach, not wasting a minute.  With big waves crashing on the shore, and the sun beaming down on us from above, it couldn’t have been a better first day.  We found a nice spot next to a large boulder at the end of the beach and hung out for a while, listening to the water hit the rocky shore and enjoying the views.

35 mm Nikon film layered photo


They brought us to the Luodong night market for some dinner, which was great because there were tons of foods we’ve never seen at other night markets before; green onions on everything!  After chowing down, they brought us to Dream On, a local bar they had discovered, and we sat for a while just enjoying each others’ company.  All in all, it was a great first day on our trip around the country!