Spontaneous trip to one of Asia’s Top 50?!

We are full-hearted food enthusiasts. Disliking the word “foodie” for its abundance of selfie taking, talking while the food is getting cold users of this word. We are hesitant to use this term; but, in true representation of what a “foodie” really believes, we LOVE TO EAT!

Oyster, cucumber, and green apple with a seaweed sorbet 

In the past few years, we have discovered an acute sense of what fine dining really is. Please don’t confuse, Mom n’ Pop restaurants are wonderful, delicious delights. But whilst living in a big city, we’ve had to sieve through the “it’s fine” and “so-so” foods of the bustling city of Taipei and relish in the final product of foodgasms and umptious treats.

While scouting Asia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants, we’ve found ourselves hooked on catching a dine at as many of them as we can. And as it turns out, there are a few located here in Taiwan. We’ve had the wonderful experiences at RAW and MUME in Taipei, but we’ve never had the pleasure of tasting the delicacies at Le Mout. Due to an untimely typhoon changing our trajectory around the island, we had an extra few days granted to us in Kaohsiung. On the highspeed train, it takes approximately 50 minutes to go from Kaohsiung to Taichung. Extra, unexpected days in Kaohsiung, short and affordable transportation to and from Taichung, fabulous food we’ve never tried…the decision was an obvious–DO IT!

And what an amazing night it was. We left Kaohsiung in the early evening, got to Taichung an hour later; and by 7 o’clock, we were dining at a restaurant located in the limbo of Taiwanese and French cuisine. The use of French techniques on local cuisine and ingredients was a lovely combination of elegance and appropriateness to its local culture. Everything from the wine, to the execution of the food, and to the moment where the restaurant manager brought out a tray of hand-crafted knives adorned with different bones from various animals that we may choose to use for our entrees was incroyable.

After leaving Taiwan, we know the challenge in time and money that it is moving from one city to another. It felt totally apropos to utilize the convenience of the trains to enjoy a spontaneous and fabulous evening. Although most of Taiwan is in every meaning of the word, affordable, it felt superb to treat ourselves to something so accessibly adventurous. Cheers to more exciting evenings together!

Taiwanese custard with pickled daikon
Squid and rape seed raviolo 
Pig cheek, jowl, and crackling
7 day aged goose
Taiwanese oolong tea jelly and sweets




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