We out!

Waking up today, there was an excitement in the air that we have been anticipating for months.  Our apartment has been totally gutted and packed up, boxes of belongings have been shipped home, leaving our apartment as barren as it was on the day we moved in.  Loose ends have been tied up, with plans on where to leave our baggage for our flight back to America, handling of taxes and bills, and buying any last minute additions for our journey.  The day had finally arrived, and our 3 month backpacking adventure is about to begin!

Our (f)uneployment travels begin with a 2 week scooter drive around Taiwan, stopping in places that we haven’t seen or places we need to see just one more time before we leave Taiwan.  Of course, in typical fashion, we’ve procrastinated packing our bags until the morning of our departure, but luckily, we had gone over in our heads maybe a hundred times what we would pack and how to pack it (we even did a practice pack we were so excited!), so it didn’t take much time.  Once we finished, we loaded up our scooters and got on the road by 9:30 AM, with a whole day of excitement ahead of us!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
All smiles!


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